Board & Advisors

FAPAGOW has a multigenerational board and advisors that represent the diversity of Washington state’s Filipino American community.

Dolores Sibonga

“FAPAGOW is the progressive voice for almost 200,000 Filipino Americans in Washington state. Our values are founded on access and equality for all, covering every aspect of the way we live. That’s why we are urging everyone who’s eligible to register and vote in the most critical election of our time.”

Dolores Sibonga
FAPAGOW Advisory Board
First Filipino American Seattle Council member

Brendan Borromeo

“I see a future where we can bridge the gap between the old and new generation of Filipino Americans, and I want to be a part of that bridge by having open dialogue, learning from each other, and advocating for Filipino and Filipino American rights.”

Brendan Borromeo
FAPAGOW Vice President
Former President, Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at Central Washington University

Dori Peralta Baker

“I joined FAPAGOW because the organization promotes civic engagement and is a unified empowering force in the political arena for social and healthcare reform. Our youth are our future public office leaders. In Yakima, Filipinos are “a minority within a POC minority” – we need a place at the table.”

Dori Peralta Baker
Filipino American Community of Yakima Valley Board Member
Mabuhay Foundation – Founding member
Asian Pacific Islander Coalition – Yakima County Chair

Board Members

  • Ador Yano, President
  • Brendan Borromeo, Vice President
  • Maria Batayola
  • Rick Polintan
  • Thelma Sevilla
  • Paul Tabayoyon
  • Myrna Victoriano


  • Ellen Abellera
  • Dori Peralta Baker
  • David Della
  • Dolores Sibonga
  • Lara Mae Chollette

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