Message to Young Voters

Dolores Sibonga, FAPAGOW Board Advisor
First Filipino American Seattle City Council member

You’d think that at my age – 89 – I wouldn’t be concerned about youth. And yet I worry that young people will sit out the November election, and we will lose whatever vestiges of democracy remain today.

So I ask you, young voters, to believe that you can set the direction for change that will give us Universal Health Care, the Green New Deal and Economic Justice.

We Filipino-Americans are 178,300 strong in the State of Washington. And we have a history of activism, from the unionism of the 20’s and 30’s to Civil Rights in the 60’s and 70’s to standing today with Black Lives Matter and putting an end to police brutality against Black men and women.

And just to show you how much your one vote can count: For about the last 100 years, one of every 100,000 votes in U.S. elections and one of every 15,000 votes in state elections “mattered.” They were cast for a candidate that led or won by one vote.

FAPAGOW can be our progressive voice for truth, equality and responsibility.

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